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Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Slip & Fall Accident, Car Accident

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Paul H. Cannon

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Feb 10 2017
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Accident & Injury, Car Accident, Wrongful Death, Slip & Fall Accident, Animal Bite
Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., my law firm, has been a trusted name in Houston since the 1970's. We proudly represent the little guys against big insuran... (more)

Christopher Keith Fletcher

Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Car Accident, Wrongful Death, Slip & Fall Accident

Christopher K. Fletcher is a trial lawyer with our firm who handles truck accidents, car wrecks, electrocution injuries, traumatic brain injury, and w... (more)

Sharon Simmons Cantrell

Accident & Injury, Animal Bite, Personal Injury, Car Accident, Products Liability

I am a personal injury attorney at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Over 25 years helping clients through the difficulties of dealing with auto accidents, o... (more)

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., is firm of Houston personal injury lawyers and car and truck accident attorneys located on the edge of Houston and Katy, Texas. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. was founded in 1979 with a commitment to serving personal injury victims and their families as we would serve the Lord. The practice endures today and continues to fight for victims of car and truck accidents, slip and falls, maritime injuries, work injury, forklift accidents, plant explosions, refinery accidents, electrocution injuries, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, product liability, offshore accidents, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, animal attacks, Uber accidents, Lyft wrecks, pedestrian accidents, uninsured motorist claims, and can assist you with defective drug and medical malpractice claims, including Wernicke-Korsakoff Encephalopathy due to vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency misdiagnosis.
Our firm employs an exceptional team of personal injury lawyers with years of combined legal practice experience, knowledge, and a wealth of accomplishments.
Why choose us?  Plain and simple: personal injury law is ALL we do. We have an award-winning team of nationally-recognized attorneys ready to assist you.

The initial consultation is always free and we charge no fees unless we make a recovery in your case. We handle all types of personal injury claims on behalf of the injured victim.
Our offices are conveniently located next to the Memorial City Mall on the border of Houston and Katy along I-10.

Our Team:

Paul H. Cannon became a trial attorney for the firm in 1995. He earned his Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2005 and has been recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer by Thompson-Reuters  2017-2020, and a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association 2017-2020. He handles dog bites and attacks, car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, refinery accidents, and slip and falls. Paul is also well-versed in Wernicke-Korsakoff injury due to misdiagnosis claims and stays on top of all of the mass torts/defective drug cases.

Sharon Simmons-Cantrell heads our pre-litigation and case investigation team. She has been with us for over 25 years helping clients through the difficulties of dealing with auto accidents, on the job accidents and slip-and-falls.  She was named a Top 10 Lawyer by H Texas in 2019.

Christopher K. Fletcher is a trial lawyer with our firm who handles truck accidents, car wrecks, electrocution injuries, traumatic brain injury, and work injuries. He has been with the firm since 2009 and has been recognized as a National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 2016-2020. He was named a Rising Star by Thompson-Reuters in 2018-2020.  Chris is a member of the American Association for Justice - an Organization of Truck accident lawyers who fight for victim's rights and justice.

We offer free consultation and charge no fees unless we make a recovery in your case. Call us. We would love to help! Phone lines are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Areas we regularly serve include Houston, Katy, Angleton, Atascocita, Austin, Beaumont, Baytown, Brownsville, Conroe, Cypress, Conroe, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, League City, Pasadena, Pearland, Port Arthur, Spring, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands. We also take on dog bites and serious injury cases in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin as well as mass tort, product liability, serious injury and, Wernicke-Korsakoff vitamin B1 deficiency misdiagnosis cases nationwide.

product liability, motorcycle accidents, dog bite, truck accidents, uber accidents, work injury, maritime injury, medical malpractice

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We offer a free consultation and we do not charge you anything unless we make a recovery in your case.
  • 2012 $11,900,000.00 Electrocuted Worker Burn Injury Settlement
    Worker was severely shocked in an industrial accident. The worker was assisting another employee on a manlift about 30 feet in the air when the other worker steered too close to a 34 kv power line. The resulting shock caused burn injuries and an extended period of oxygen deprivation to our client. He suffered irreversible brain damage, and requires 24 hour per day monitoring. He sustained significant short term and long term memory problems, and permanent disabled. After a lawsuit was filed, the case was ordered to arbitration pursuant to an employee benefit policy. After extensive discovery and depositions, and after the excess carrier tried to get out of their obligations by trying to void their insurance policy in Federal Court, the case settled on the eve of arbitration for $11,900,000. (Per Texas Bar disclosure requirements, the attorney fees on the case were $3,966,666.27 and case expenses were $213,253.55.)
    Lead Counsel: Keith M. Fletcher
    Second Chair: Christopher K. Fletcher
    2015 $955,000.00 Slip and Fall Accident Premises Liability Settlement
    Romo v Lopez Corp.  A female restaurant patron slipped and fell on a lime slice at a Mexican restaurant. It was believed the lime slice fell from a  server’s tray and was left on the floor until the Plaintiff fell. The medical bills totaled $205,034.49. (Per Texas Bar disclosure requirements, the attorneys fees on the case were $381,666.67 and the expenses totaled $48,449.78.)
    Lead Counsel: Keith M. Fletcher
    2015 $300,000.00 Dog Bite Settlement
    Alexander v. Smart. While playing outside in his neighborhood with his sister and friends, a young boy was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull.  The neighbor has recently purchased the pit bull as a guard dog after someone had burglarized their home. The neighbor’s child brought the dog outside on a leash but tripped over the thresh hold of the doorway and let the dog loose. The dog attacked our client, biting him about he head and sides of the face. A good samaritan driving by stopped and pried the dogs jaws off of the boy’s head. The attack resulted in numerous stitches to the scalp and some scarring around the sides of the face. Medical expenses for emergency care totaled $10,018.60 after medicaid payments.
    After filing a lawsuit and conducting some necessary discovery, Paul Cannon made a time-limited demand to the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance company demanding that they pay their full policy limits of $300,000.00 to settle the case. Defendant’s opted to accept the demand rather than go to trial.
    (Per state bar disclosure requirements the attorney fees were $100,000.00 and expenses were $1,480.74.)
    Lead Counsel: Paul H. Cannon
    2015 $1,264,113.60 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Settlement
    In a difficult case involving an 18 wheeler truck crash that resulted in serious injuries, Simmons & Fletcher was able to secure a $1,264,113.60 settlement on behalf of our injured client.
    On a Texas interstate, our client was badly injured when his minivan was rear-ended by a commercial motor vehicle.  The investigating police officer determined that our client was stopped in the moving lanes of travel (rather than on the shoulder as the law requires) and therefore blamed him alone for causing the resulting accident involving the 18 wheeler.  Despite this police report that would cause most attorneys to not take on the case, Simmons & Fletcher aggressively and quickly began litigation on behalf of our seriously injured client and, by doing our own investigation with the help of a team of experts, determined that the tractor trailer was in fact responsible for negligently causing the avoidable wreck.  Simmons & Fletcher discovered that the truck driver failed to act as a professional driver and, if the truck driver had been driving defensively and according to the rules of the road, the 18 wheeler could have easily avoided crashing into our client. Furthermore, Simmons & Fletcher uncovered evidence that proved the commercial motor carrier, the truck driver’s employer, knew or should have known that their driver was dangerous to the public and should not have allowed him behind the wheel of their 18 wheeler.
    Our client suffered serious fractures to his knee and both forearms which required immediate surgeries to repair.  He also suffered a cut on his head.  Unfortunately, after the initial surgeries, one of our client’s arms became infected which caused him to suffer tremendous and constant pain for months.  In the end, our client’s medical bills amounted to over $100,000.  (Per Texas Bar disclosure requirements, the attorney fees on the case were $492,644.63 and case expenses were $14,806.72.)
    Lead Counsel: Christopher K. Fletcher
Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.
9821 Katy Fwy #925
Houston, TX 77024


9821 Katy Fwy #925
Houston, TX 77024

Other Locations:
  • Our offices are on the boarder of Houston and Katy. However, we are proudly serving the entire State of Texas.

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