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Clay T. Jester

Adoption, Alimony & Spousal Support, Child Support, Farms

CLAY T. JESTER joined Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, P.A. in 1980 and has been a Director since 1985. Mr. Jester practices in the areas of Family Law, Pe... (more)

F. Michael Parkowski

Arbitration, Chemical & Cosmetics, Agribusiness, Administrative Law

F. MICHAEL PARKOWSKI is a Director in the firm. He provides representation to a variety of public and private clients on governmental, environmental a... (more)

I. Barry Guerke

Premises Liability, Personal Injury, Car Accident, Animal Bite

I. BARRY GUERKE, a Director in the firm, concentrates over 90% of his practice in the area of plaintiff's personal injury.Mr. Guerke is a graduate of ... (more)

John C. Andrade

Arbitration, Copyright, Chemical & Cosmetics, Cleanup & Superfund

JOHN C. ANDRADE joined Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, P.A. in 1987 and is a Director concentrating his practice in the areas of product liability, enviro... (more)

Mark F. Dunkle

Condominiums, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Leasing, Defamation & Slander

MARK F. DUNKLE joined Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze in 1996 as a Director, concentrating his practice in the areas of commercial and residential real est... (more)

William A. Denman

Real Estate, Insurance, Contract, Personal Injury

WILLIAM A. DENMAN, a Director at the firm, joined Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, P.A., in  May 2002. 

Barry I. Guerke

General Practice

F. Michael Par kowski

General Practice

I.Barry Guerke

General Practice

James Davis Nutter

Power of Attorney, Tax, Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, Identity Theft

Jeremy W. Homer

Age Discrimination, Affirmative Action, Americans with Disabilities Act , Administrative Law

JEREMY W. HOMER joined Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, P.A. in 1985 and is a Director. He concentrates his practice in the areas of environmental law, adm... (more)

Kashif Iqbal Chowdhry

Real Estate, Divorce & Family Law, Contract, Business

Kashif I. Chowdhry

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Estate, Business

Michael F. Parkowski

General Practice

WIIIiam A. Denman

General Practice

William J. Walls

Landlord-Tenant, Mediation, Arbitration, Divorce & Family Law, Criminal

Alimony & Spousal Support, Americans with Disabilities Act , Animal Bite, Arbitration, Corporate, Business Organization, Chemical & Cosmetics, Child Support, Clean Air Practice, Cleanup & Superfund, Cogeneration, Collection, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, Complex Litigation, Defamation & Slander, Condominiums, Construction Contracts, Construction, Construction Liens, Contract, Conveyancing, Copyright, Farms, Debarment, Discrimination, Divorce, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Education, Eminent Domain, Employee Rights, Employment Contracts, Employment Discrimination, Employment, Energy, Environmental Law, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Family Law, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Federal Trial Practice, Firearms, Fisheries & Wildlife, Food Products, Foreclosure, Freedom of Information, Government Contract, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Waste & Pollution, Housing & Construction Defects, Intellectual Property, Land Use & Zoning, Landlord-Tenant, Licensing, Limited Liability Companies, Litigation, Living Wills, Machinery & Tools, Mediation, Car Accident, Defect and Lemon Law, Municipal, Occupational Safety & Health, Patent, Paternity, Pension & Benefits, Permits, Personal Injury, Pesticides, Power of Attorney, Premises Liability, Prenuptial Agreements, Products Liability, Property Damage, Public Law, Public Schools, Public Utilities, Race Discrimination, Railroad Injury, Real Estate, Recreational Products, Securities, Religious Discrimination, Residential Real Estate, Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Slip & Fall Accident, State and Local, State Government, State Trial Practice, Science, Technology & Internet, Title Insurance, Toxic Mold & Tort, Trademark, Trusts, Water, Wetlands, Whistleblower, Wills, Wrongful Death, Wrongful Termination

Schmittinger & Rodriguez, P.A.

Accident & Injury Featured 


Schuster Law

Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Car Accident, Medical Malpractice, Workers' Compensation Featured 


Weber, Gallagher, Simpson, Stapleton, Fires & Newby, L.L.P.

Business, Lawsuit & Dispute, Industry Specialties

Salvatore Dimario Esq

General Practice

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