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Anthony Kirkwood

Corporate, Professional Malpractice, Ethics, Litigation

Anthony Kirkwood is a partner of the firm. He practices primarily in the area of commercial litigation and appeals. Mr. Kirkwood represents clients in... (more)

Christopher W. Weber

Construction, Transportation & Shipping, Corporate, Products Liability

Christopher W. Weber's primary practice areas are trucking litigation, railroad litigation, and wrongful death litigation. He is a member of the ALFA ... (more)

Clint R. Latham

Real Estate, Uniform Commercial Code, Malpractice

Clint Latham joined the firm in August 1999.  He practices primarily in the area of business litigation where, as a licensed CPA, he focuses on a... (more)

Larence (Trey) Lansford


Larence (Trey) Lansford, III is an associate in our Amarillo Office.  His practice consists primarily of civil litigation. Trey joined the f... (more)

Matt Sadler

Collection, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Litigation

Matt Sadler is an associate in the firm's Amarillo office.  Matt's practice includes various transactional matters with an emphasis on the financ... (more)

Mike McDearmon

General Practice

Mike McDearmon joined the firm in 2000 as its Administrator.  As Firm Administrator, Mike is responsible for the firm's day-t... (more)

Sarah Pelley


Sarah Pelley is an associate in the firm's Amarillo office.  Her practice consists primarily of civil litigation.Prior to law school, Sarah recei... (more)

Wolf Puckett

Lawsuit & Dispute, Workers' Compensation, Medical Malpractice

Wolf has personal business experience in banking, oil and gas, and real estate. His legal experience as a client in two major lawsuits has led to Wolf... (more)

Christopher Wayne Weber

Litigation, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Personal Injury

Danny M. Needham

Transportation & Shipping, Admiralty & Maritime, Corporate, Personal Injury

Danny M. Neeham graduated form West Texas State University with a B.S., and he received is J.D. from Texas Tech University of Law in 1975 where he ser... (more)

David C. Mullin

Class Action, Business Organization, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice

David  is a partner in the Amarillo office.  David's entire practice is devoted to trial practice.  His track record in the courtroom i... (more)

David Mullin

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Antitrust, State Appellate Practice

Don D. Sunderland

Agriculture, Corporate, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy

Don D. Sunderland is a partner in the Amarillo office.  Don's primary practice is focused in bankruptcy and insolvency matters.  He routinel... (more)

Frank John Mozola

Real Estate, Litigation, Oil & Gas, Industry Specialties

Jeffrey E. Ritter

Real Estate, Agriculture, Corporate, Banking & Finance

Jeff Ritter is one of the original partners of the firm.  He practices in the area of transactional law, with an emphasis in banking, commercial ... (more)

Jeffrey Eugene Ritter

Commercial Real Estate, Public Finance, Business & Trade, Banking & Finance

John Wesley Headrick

Commercial Real Estate, Litigation, Insurance, Personal Injury

John G. Turner

Real Estate, Business, Accident & Injury

John M. Brown

Wills & Probate, Estate Planning, Securities, Professional Malpractice

John Brown is one of the firm's three founding partners. He practices in the areas of accountant's negligence, fidelity bond litigation, fiduciary and... (more)

John R. Douglass

Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Real Estate

John G Turner

Contract, Business, Credit & Debt, Accident & Injury

John G. Turner, III is a partner in the firm's Amarillo office. He has been with the firm since 1991 and a partner since 1996. Mr. Turner's practice c... (more)

John M. Brown

Litigation, Wills, Trusts, Employee Rights

Johnathan Hudson Hinders

General Practice

Mark S. Logsdon

Government Agencies, Election & Political, Business Organization, Banking & Finance

Mark Logsdon is a partner of the firm.  Mark's practice involves complex civil litigation, including matters involving professional and dire... (more)

Mark Stephen Logsdon

Lawsuit & Dispute, Business, Car Accident

Michael Ryan Alexander

General Practice

Mitch D. Carthel

General Practice

Richard Everett Biggs

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Civil & Human Rights

Richard Biggs

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Civil & Human Rights

Richard Biggs

Lawsuit & Dispute, Civil & Human Rights, Litigation

Richard Biggs is an associate in our Amarillo Office.  His practice consists primarily of civil litigation.  Richard joined the firm in 2009... (more)

Robert R. Bell

Ethics, Class Action, Employment, Professional Malpractice, Criminal

Robert R. Bell is a partner in the firm's Amarillo office. He has been with the firm since 1993 and a partner since 2000. He focuses his practice in t... (more)

Robert Riverson Bell

Traffic, Litigation, State Appellate Practice, Credit & Debt

Shawn D. Twing

General Practice

Steven L. Hoard

Real Estate, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy & Debt

Steven L. Hoard

Business Organization, Banking & Finance, Collection, Medical Malpractice

Steve Hoard is one of the founding partners of the firm.  He practices in the area of complex civil litigation, with a focus on professional and ... (more)

William Curtis Biggs

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Estate, Contract, Bankruptcy & Debt

Construction, Corporate, Professional Malpractice, Collaborative Law, Health Care, Communication & Media Law, Energy, Wills, Contract, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Trusts, Credit & Debt, Landlord-Tenant, Business Organization, Eminent Domain, Labor Law, Dispute Resolution, Legal Malpractice, Child Support, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Litigation, Environmental Law, Tax, Personal Injury

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Mullin Hoard & Brown LLP
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Amarillo National Plaza Two,Suite 800,500 South Taylor, Lobby Box #213
Amarillo, TX 79101

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