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Barnes & Thonburg

Car Accident, Felony, Criminal, Lawsuit & Dispute, Education

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Brian Eugene Casey

Other, Employment, Criminal

Brian J. Lake

General Practice

Brian J. Lake

General Practice

Bruce Richard Bancroft

General Practice

Eric John Sharon

General Practice

George Edward Horn

Education, Litigation, Wills & Probate, Criminal

George E. Horn

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Criminal

Gerard Thomas Gallagher

General Practice

James Wood Tuesley

Trusts, Estate, Business

Janilyn Brouwer Daub

Labor Law, Employment

Jeanine Marie Gozdecki

Dispute Resolution, Lawsuit & Dispute, Employee Rights, Employment

Joel Thomas Bowers

General Practice

John Leo Carey

General Practice

John Christopher Smarrella

Business, Car Accident

Joseph Ronald Fullenkamp

Other, Construction, Dispute Resolution, Lawsuit & Dispute

Kelly Jean Hartzler

Lawsuit & Dispute, Environmental Law, Felony

Laura Diane Seng

Health Care, Securities, Life & Health

Laurence Alan Mchugh

General Practice

Mark Jon Adey

Construction, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy & Debt

Michael Paul Palmer

Government, Employment

Michael Bruce Watkins

Real Estate

Michael V. Knight

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Government

Michael Douglas Hardy

General Practice

Michael P. Palmer

Government, Employment

Peter Gerard Trybula

General Practice

Philip John Faccenda

General Practice

Richard Lawrence Mintz

General Practice

Richard John Deahl

Traffic, International

Robert Grant Devetski

Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Lawsuit & Dispute, Estate

Sarah Quinn Kuhny

Real Estate, Government, Business, Bankruptcy & Debt

Stephen Albert Seall


Teresa Ann Maginn


Timothy Allan Emerick

Tax, International, Business

Timothy Dale Hernly

General Practice

Timothy Joseph Abeska

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute

Timothy J. Maher

General Practice

Tracy David Knox

Juvenile Law, Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Divorce & Family Law

Tracy David Knox

Juvenile Law, Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Divorce & Family Law

Barnes & Thonburg

Business, Real Estate, Government, Employment, Estate Law firm

Barnes & Thonburg

Real Estate, Criminal, Traffic, Dispute Resolution, Employee Rights Law firm

Barnes & Thonburg

Criminal, Employment Contracts, Real Estate, Child Custody, Accident & Injury Law firm

Blackwell, Burke & Ramsey, P.C.

Juvenile Law, Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business Law firm

The Law Office of David Wemhoff

Criminal, Accident & Injury, Estate, Intellectual Property, Collection Featured 


Lee Groves & Zalas

Lawsuit & Dispute Featured 

CONTACT Featured 


Gillis Law Office

Accident & Injury, Estate, Workers' Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Social Security -- Disability Featured 


Law Offices of Paul Stanko

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, Misdemeanor Featured 


Lee Groves & Zalas

Workers' Compensation, Accident & Injury, Lawsuit, Lawsuit & Dispute, Motor Vehicle Featured 


The Lockwood Legal Group, LLC

Accident & Injury, Divorce & Family Law, Estate, Social Security -- Disability Featured 


The Lockwood Legal Group, LLC.

Accident & Injury, Criminal, Divorce & Family Law, Employment, Estate Featured 


Hildebrand Law Office

Divorce & Family Law, Bankruptcy, Elder Law, Landlord-Tenant, Estate Planning Featured 


Jay Lauer, Attorney at Law

Class Action, DUI-DWI, Employment, Internet, Legal Malpractice Featured 


Michael C Murphy Elder Law PC

Elder Law, Civil & Human Rights, Estate, Government

Hammerschmidt, Amaral & Jonas

Real Estate, Estate, Business, Bankruptcy & Debt

Jones Law Office Llc

Divorce, Criminal, Personal Injury, Corporate, Divorce & Family Law

Barnes & Thonburg
100 North Michigan
South Bend, IN 46601


100 North Michigan
South Bend, IN 46601

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