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Finding the right lawyer is challenging.

It can also add stress to an already difficult time. ​To make finding a lawyer easy, created the Internet’s ​most advanced l​awyer matching service. ​Visitors can find the help they need by ​calling our ​referral experts, submitting a referral form or searching our comprehensive directory of 2M+ lawyer listings.

Similar to a dating site, provides a ​targeted experience for consumers ​urgently needing a qualified and interested lawyer. ​ ​With 8 years of matching experience and technology development, ​is proud to make thousands of lawyer connections each week.

Gerald Gorman, CEO

"Since​ founding​, we have adopted the latest ​Internet
technology to deliver the best possible​ ​experience for consumers​ looking
to quickly and efficiently find and hire ​qualified local​ lawyers.”

Gerald Gorman, CEO

Our ​referral experts are professional, polite, and eager to walk you through each of the steps necessary to process your request for a lawyer’s review.

Click here to meet the team co-founder Gerald Gorman acquired the brand in 1998 while building into a leading public Internet company with 1,400 employees. Directory development started in 2008 and was launched in 2009.​

With offices in Basking Ridge, NJ and Easton, PA, enjoys a close proximity to the talent and advancing technological culture of both New York City and Philadelphia.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES, Inc. is hiring a full-time Lead Computer Programmer to work at our Basking Ridge, NJ office.

Position: Lead Computer Programmer


  • Supervise junior web developer.
  • Test the website and identify any technical issues and thereby repairing bugs and errors within the programs.
  • Ensure code functionality is not lost in updated code by doing code reviews with teammates (missing content, SEO tags, lost/broken links, cookies, Analytics and conversion tracking).
  • Configure network and hardware configurations including UltraDNS, Akamai, Server redundancy, Routers and Switches.
  • Research best code options and prepare detailed analytical reports on proposed solutions.
  • Develop from scratch and maintain chat widget which appears throughout the website using PubNub API PHP 7.0, JavaScript and generate automated reports on the statistics of all the chat sessions.
  • Manage and add new functionalities using transactional email platform using SendGrid, Google App Engine, PHP 7.0, JavaScript and Gmail and VoIP softphone using Twilio and Pusher.
  • Add new features such as embedding chat widget, videos and images to the front end of the website using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP 7.0, JavaScript and jQuery and optimize them for both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Regularly develop and update call center management application using Twilio API, PHP 7.0, JavaScript and MySQL and generate automated real-time analytics on the call center data.
  • Use advanced Google services including Analytics, App Engine, Search Console, Adwords, Adsense.

Hours: 40hrs/week 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Requirement: Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.

Prior academic background to include: 1) PHP 7, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery coding languages; 2) knowledge of Cross Browser Testing Tools, Emailonacid; 3) knowledge of database, MySQL; 4) familiarity with Advanced Google Services including Analytics, Adwords, Adsense; 5) SEO, SMO Cookies, Sessions.

If interested, apply to Joanna Byrne at