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Methadone Overdose- What to Do

Signs and symptoms of methadone overdose often give the family warning signs that the methadone dose was too large, and the patient received a toxic overdose of methadone.

Methadone Toxicity and Overdose Deaths

Methadone, more than other opiates, is a tricky drug for doctors to prescribe, because if doctors prescribe too much methadone, patients can die of methadone toxicity from an overdose of methadone.

Methadone Half-Life

Methadone can cause overdose deaths because of its pharmacology and lng half-life. Doctors need to be aware of the half-life of methadone before prescribing methadone, or patients could die of methadone toxicity.

Methadone Dosing

Methadone dosing errors are the single largest cause of methadone overdose by doctors in the U.S. Patients die from methadone overdoses and sometimes their families file overdose lawsuits when doctors prescribe too much methadone.

Why Don’t Doctor’s Check Methadone Levels in the Blood?

My loved one died of methadone toxicity or methadone overdose. The doctor never checked the blood level for overdose. Should the doctor have checked the methadone level in the blood to prevent this overdose death?

What Dose of Methadone is Lethal?

While each patient’s dose should be individualized for that patient, some high doses clearly have the potential to cause death. Any dose for a pain patient above 10 or 20 mg has the potential to cause death. Methadone can be safely dosed and need not cause an overdose death.

What Is the Starting Dose of Methadone?

The correct starting dose of methadone depends on you, your medical conditions, and on when and how much other opiates you have used immediately before starting methadone. If you don't get the proper methadone dose, the methadone can cause death and the doctor can be sued for an overdose death.

Methadone Used Illegally By Some Doctors

When physicians choose to prescribe methadone, they need to be educated about the rules and the pharmacology surrounding methadone doses, or they may find themselves the subject of a lawsuit.

Methadone Deaths Linked to Doctors’ Negligence

Doctors have begin prescribing methadone to their patients for pain. Unfortunately, methadone can be a dangerous drug for some patients who do not have sufficient tolerance, and when doctors are not educated about dosing methadone.

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