Why You Need a Arizona Probate Attorney

by Dana Hogle on Feb. 23, 2016

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Summary: When do you need a probate lawyer, and what to look for when you need an estate planning attorney in Arizona.

Probate law

When dealing with Arizona estate planning matters, it is important that you consider the importance of probate law as well. While many people might be unaware of it, it actually plays a very dominant role when dealing with legal and real estate matters. In simpler terms, probate is the process which gives a legal recognition to the will. In addition, it also appoints the personal representative or executor who will distribute the assets and other properties to the intended beneficiaries as well as administer the estate.

In the case of probate law being administered, the laws tend to vary from one state to another. The Arizona law is also no exception to this rule. This is because in a lot of cases, you might require the fiduciary to be bonded and some certain reports which would need to be presented. That is why it is considered best that you consult a legal authority to help you out with all these legal proceedings. Whether the estate would be handled by an executor in probate or the entire process of probate would be avoided at all costs, the basic job of accounting and administration of assets would still need to be done. Even though the whole process is considered to be quite long, the Arizona law has initiated certain steps to make the entire process very smooth and streamlined over the years. In addition, when you would be planning your estate, it is considered to be important that you minimize the real issues which can likely make the probate difficult rather than focusing more on the minimization of probate.

Steps in the probate process

  • Swearing in your personal representative
  • Notifying creditors, heirs, and the public
  • Inventorying property
  • Paying taxes, bills, and distributing the estate

·      Probate timeline

In a lot of cases, people think about whether they should be avoiding the process of probate altogether. This is because they consider it to be a calamity after the death of a family member. But in reality, it is actually not like that. This is because, during the process of the valuation of assets and other properties, there are certain costs which fall outside the requirements of hiring a Probate attorney in Mesa AZ. This includes retirement plan proceeds and life insurance. Therefore, in order to get the complete protection for the value of your property, it has been advised that you ahead with the process of probate.

Also, with the help of a probate lawyer by your side, the entire process of dealing with property and legal matters will become much easier. This is because, in the case of a will, there are instances where not everybody’s name would be mentioned. This is likely to cause disputes and result in some family members becoming upset. But an Arizona probate lawyer will be able to help you to deal with all these family disputes. In addition, one of the main things that people have to deal with is the real-estate tax. Not having prior knowledge, it can also let them pay a higher amount than what is usually required. But a probate attorney in Phoenix AZ will be able to help you to determine the correct amount.

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