Why Should You Hire An Immigration Lawyer In Philadelphia?

by Greg Prosmushkin on Dec. 29, 2020


Summary: Hiring an immigration lawyer before filling an application for a visa, citizenship, or any other needs. Make sure to consult an experience attorney to get everything done in a hassle-free manner.

Why Should You Hire An Immigration Lawyer In Philadelphia?


Getting citizenship in a country like the USA is a dream of many. Long with citizenship comes new opportunities to lead a better life, secure satisfactory employment, and overall satisfaction. However, immigration laws in the U.S. are any strict as any other developed nation. Applying for immigration or citizenship should not be a do-it-yourself task. It needs expertise and experience that will allow you to submit the correct documentation filled duly according to the immigration office requirement. 


An aced citizenship lawyer is what you need to cross every hurdle in the process of getting your immigration granted. If you are applying for U.S. citizenship for the first time, you would need the help of an experienced immigration lawyer; however, with ever-changing immigration laws, it is always better to hire a professional for such an essential task.


Reason for immigration to the U.S.


People from various parts of the world apply for immigration to the U.S. The reason could be varied, such as for long stay, employment, education, or for ultimately settling in a country like the U.S. While you apply for a visa with a specific cause, the laws change accordingly. Every migrant is judged on specific parameters, and most importantly, the initial paper works hold a lot of importance. An experienced immigration attorney helps their client to get through the immigration process with ease at the earliest.


When should you hire an immigration attorney in Philadelphia?


  • Family immigration process- It is applicable for marriage and adoption in Philadelphia

  • Employment Visa in Philadelphia, which includes immigrant and non-immigrant visa

  • Investment visa for both E-2 and EB-5

  • For securing a green card

  • Immigration defense

  • Asylum

  • Application for citizenship as well as complicated citizenship case

  • Issues that lead to immigration law in Philadelphia


Can you pass the immigration test?


To make your dream come true, you have to cross many hurdles that come your way, and one of the essential limitations is to pass the immigration test. Before you are granted citizenship in the U.S., the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will ask you to undergo a test. This test comprises of 10 questions, and the applicant has to answer at least 6 out of 10 correctly. The questions mostly consist of the history and laws of America and how they came into the act. Therefore, one needs to keep a deep knowledge of America's history and politics before applying for citizenship. 

While you hire a reliable immigration attorney, he will make you aware of immigration and prepare you for the same. They will not keep any stone unturned to get you through the immigration process. 


How will an experienced immigration lawyer help?


As you hire an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, you will be assisted in every step to get your U.S. citizenship. Your lawyer will prepare you for every circumstance and will do all the required documentation and paperwork for you. Few of the essential services they will provide are:


  • Consultation with clients in their local language- Not everyone applying for U.S. citizenship speaks English. Therefore, a competent immigration law firm offers consultation in at least the most popular languages throughout the world. Clients also feel at ease when the process of immigration is explained to them in their native language.


  • Eligibility check- There is no point giving an applicant a false hope of getting U.S. citizenship. During the first consultation, most attorneys will evaluate your eligibility and probability of receiving U.S. citizenship.


  • Filling up the application- The citizenship application in itself is complex documentation. An aced attorney will sit with the client to fill up each detail with perfection to complete the immigration application form.


  • Preparing for the test- All applicants are subject to appear for the citizenship test. Your attorney will prepare you for the test by discussing the type of questions you have to face in the exam and preparing for the same.


  • Keep you updated- The work of an immigration attorney is to keep you updated regarding your application's proceeding.


  • Representing you at the court- It is one of the crucial points. An immigration attorney represents you at the court before the immigration officials. 


  • Assist you with any other immigration services needed- Every client is different, and their requirement can change as well. A seasoned immigration attorney will always provide customized solutions as required by the client. 

So, don't let your immigration application get denied by the U.S. immigration official. Hire an aced immigration Lawyer Philadelphia from The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., before applying for U.S. citizenship. Our legal team is handling immigration cases for years and can effectively make the legal process smoother.

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