Why Marriages Fail

by Roy D Cole on May. 05, 2017

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Summary: Why Relationships fail!

Why do relationships end?

Good answers, lack of sex, lack of money, poor communication?

All good answers, but those are mere symptoms of the real problem, which is unfulfilled expectations.

We all have expectations of what our relationship will be like, we have needs, wants and desires and when they go unfulfilled we feel like we have been shorted in some way.

Not enough sex? Then try to make the sex you do have more meaningful and fun. If you have not laughed during sex, then you have never put your hand in a scented wax melter or gotten a Charlie horse and had it kill the mood.

Not enough Money? Women sometimes marry because he seems like he will be a good provider, sometimes it's because he looks like a project they can fix or build up. Men get married primarily to have sex and show how manly we are, we really are cavemen. I'm not saying we don't feel love, we do very deeply, but we are far simpler than you think we are.

Finally communication. Expectations are built into all of us, but if you don't discuss your vision and how you think things should work, you will be disappointed, not may be disappointed, will be.

If you don't like sex or cannot perform that has to be discussed.

If you don't have a financial plan you see eye to eye on like house, kids, cars, hobbies, future goals, you may fail, not fatally, but bad enough to file bankruptcy multiple times.

Finally shutting down communication by insisting to get your point across is not only not productive, it tends to shut the other person down.

So there's my 2 cents worth.

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