What You Need To Know About Slip and Fall Cases

by Samuel Fishman on Aug. 03, 2020

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Summary: Slip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries. Filing an accurate claim is essential to receiving compensation for your losses in an accident. Receiving compensation can be very helpful to manage basic expenses due to the injury.

What You Need To Know About Slip and Fall Cases


Accidents can happen anytime. In Philadelphia, slip and fall cases are quite common. These legal suits are attained under personal injury law, and, at times, your accident only qualifies for compensation if the accident is intended. Before even thinking about compensation, here is a more in-depth look at what is considered a slip and fall case.


What is denoted as a slip and fall case?


To put it simply, a slip and fall is a situation in which a person has slipped, tripped, or fallen. These accidents can be dangerous, and someone can get severely injured as a result. However, not every slip and fall incident can result in a lawsuit. 


A slip and fall accident can only become a legal case if the person slips or falls due to someone else’s negligence of intention. It may happen anywhere, like on a personal property, at a commercial building, or even on government roads. 


If your injury is caused due to someone else’s negligence or intention, you have the legal rights to sue the owner of the premise, or even put up a case against the government.


An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you in proving that your case can indeed be a legal suit. Slip and fall cases largely depend upon the ability to establish the scenario as a legal case, so the assistance of an experienced and competent lawyer can make a difference in getting compensation from your case.


How can we differentiate between a typical slip and fall and an intent- or negligence- related slip and fall?


Imagine this scenario: you have visited a store to buy groceries. A cleaner is cleaning the floor with soapy water and has not put up a wet floor sign to alert patrons to a potential hazard. You unknowingly step on the slippery floor, and you fall. 


This scenario is denoted as a slip and fall case, because the cleaner has not taken proper measures to make the people in the area aware of the slippery floor. This is an example of negligence. Therefore, you can file a lawsuit against the owner of the store for their inadequate safety measures.


On the contrary, if you are walking along a footpath on a winter day, and you slip on some snow and ice on the road, this will not be denoted as a slip and fall case. It is common knowledge that snowy conditions can make a road more dangerous to walk on, and you have made the choice to walk on it. This accident cannot be attributed to someone else’s negligence or intent. 


How Much Compensation Can You Receive From A Slip And Fall Case?


The potential compensation amount of a slip and fall case largely depends on the severity of each case. Usually, slip and fall cases leave minor cuts and injuries, which will not result in a particularly high compensation amount. On the other hand, in severe cases that have left a person wholly or partially disabled, the compensation amount has the potential to be much higher.


Factors like loss of wages, loss of a job, loss of personal abilities and depth of injury are all significant in the potential amount of compensation. When you visit a slip and fall lawyer with your slip and fall case, they might not be able to tell you the exact compensation you may receive, but they can give you a rough estimate and break down what you may be compensated for. 


There are two types of damages that you may be able to claim compensation for:


  • Economic damages- This encompasses the expenses that you have accumulated because of the accident, such as medical expenses, medicine cost, hospitalization, loss of wages, etc.

  • Non-economic damages- This includes things that are less easily quantifiable, like pain and suffering, depression or anxiety due to the accident, etc.


Discuss your case with the lawyers at “The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman” and get a better idea of your chances of receiving compensation for your slip and fall case. We have decades of experience and our lawyers have handled a wide array of personal injury cases, including slip and fall accident claims. 


When you talk to our Slip and Fall Lawyer, they will explain the various economic and non-economic factors that can be considered for your case, so you can get the best possible compensation amount for your case. 

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