The Facts About Family Immigration Philadelphia Needs to Know

by Greg Prosmushkin on Dec. 29, 2020

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Summary: Family immigration laws change every year, and you must know the process in depth to secure a U.S. visa. Consult the experienced immigration lawyer Philadelphia trusts to learn more.

The Facts About Family Immigration Philadelphia Needs to Know


Families are an essential part of our society’s fabric. While we may move to different countries around the world for our jobs and in pursuit of a better life, our constant urge to reunite with our loved ones often persists. One of the main objectives of family immigration attorneys in Philadelphia is to reunite families separated, for a multitude of reasons, by geography. 


As every country is different, their rules regarding immigration vary, as well. To reunite with your loved ones in Philadelphia, you can hire a family immigration lawyer to help you navigate the immigration process. Your immigration attorney can work hard to help you reunite you with your spouse, parents, or children, and strategize a way for them to gain entry to the United States. A renowned immigration firm can assist with scheduling interviews, obtaining supplemental information, and monitoring your visa application’s processing.


Preferences of Family-Based Visa in the United States


Every year on October 1, the application process for family-based visas opens. Visa applicants are processed according to preferences given to specific family members. The preferences are as follows:

  • Unmarried children of U.S. citizens who are older than 21 

  • Spouses and children younger than 21 of U.S. green-card holders

  • Married children of U.S. citizens

  • Direct siblings of U.S. citizens


Most visa applicants are denied at the very beginning of the process due to the lack of evidence proving the familial relationship with the U.S. citizen or green-card holder. In other circumstances of close family relationships, such as grandparents and cousins, U.S. visa applications are usually denied. 


How a Family Immigration Lawyer Can Help


  • Provide free initial consultation. Most immigration law firms provide a free initial consultation to prospective clients. During the consultation, they evaluate their clients’ needs and determine what rules would apply based on their family status and citizenship status. 


  • Validate relationships. One of the main reasons why visa petitions fail at the initial stage is the applicant’s inability to prove their relationship with the U.S. green-card holder or U.S. citizen. The validation of the relationship is necessary before moving forward with the visa application process.


  • Prepare documentation. Every detail you include on your immigration forms holds importance and can determine whether you will receive a U.S. visa. Experienced family immigration lawyers help their clients complete their visa applications by providing invaluable guidance and ensuring that every piece of information is meets U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements.


  • Keep you abreast of your application’s progress. Once you have filed the visa application, now it is time to wait for the results. During this time, your experienced immigration attorney will update you with any developments in your application’s status or required actions to take. 


  • Represent you in court. In the later stage of the application process, each applicant must appear before the immigration court. A professional immigration attorney will help you prepare ahead of time and ensure you have the information you need to ace the interview. Your lawyer will also make sure that you have the documentation required to present to the court. 


  • Prepare you for the immigration process. Your immigration attorney will be well-versed in all of the specific immigration process requirements. One of the most significant steps in the process is passing the citizenship test. Out of 10 questions, an applicant must answer at least six of them correctly. Your immigration lawyer will prepare you for the examination and ensure that you are ready.


Identifying the Best Family Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia for Your Purposes


An immigration lawyer’s role is critical for improving a family-based visa applicant’s chances of gaining entry to the United States. A reputable family immigration lawyer will assist their clients on every step of their journey toward U.S. citizenship or residency. A competent lawyer will also communicate on your behalf with U.S. immigration authorities to ensure your best interests are represented. Here are a few tips that you should consider when you are looking to identify the best immigration lawyer Philadelphia has to serve you:


  • Look for an immigration lawyer who speaks your language.

  • Hire an attorney who practices at an immigration-focused law firm.

  • Focus your search on lawyers who specifically represent clients in family immigration in the United States.

  • Seek an attorney who will provide the first consultation for free

  • Positive track record


A reputable immigration attorney will take every necessary step to improve your chances of a positive immigration result. 

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