Steps to Settling an Injury Claim (without the hassle)

by Bill B. Berke on Jul. 30, 2020

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Summary: It is important to understand the process of getting monetary compensation for your losses in an accident due to another person’s fault. A Personal Injury Lawyer can help make this process easier.

Steps to Settling an Injury Claim (without the hassle)


Life is very unpredictable, and an incident can occur at any time and take you by surprise. Sometimes, it may not even be your fault. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to fight for justice and compensation when the need arises.


In the US, around 31 million people get injured per year due to several reasons, and the figures are predicted to rise in the future. While there is not much you can do to reverse what happened, an injury claim can help you overcome some of your losses after an accident has occurred. However, it is important to proceed carefully. Misconceptions or incorrect information can lead to a claim being rejected, even if you are in the right. 


Having a Personal Injury Lawyer can make this burden easier to carry. An injury lawyer has in-depth knowledge regarding personal injury cases and has the experience necessary to make sure that your claim is filed correctly.


Major issues with Personal Injury Claims and how to avoid them:


  • Having a decent idea of what a personal injury claim is can be extremely important. Many people who are eligible for compensation in a personal injury case are unaware that a case can even be filed at all, which leads to them losing out on the money that they deserve. 

  • Finding witnesses and evidence at the accident scene is crucial to a personal injury case. If you are in the condition to do so, make sure you look for proof that the accident was indeed someone else’s fault, because this evidence will be beneficial for taking legal steps in the future. 

  • Proper documentation of the injured person or property is also important to a case. Many cases fail because of a lack of proper documentation. You should always keep proper documentation of your property or car. In an accident situation, it is crucial to follow up on all the legal papers to fill out your insurance claim.

  • Minimizing the issue is a bad idea, which some people do. Some people may resist questioning and not want to divulge details, which can lead to the case being thrown out. Insurance companies have rules that one must follow to receive compensation, so it is in your best interest to cooperate with your lawyer and insurance companies. 

  • Remember that personal injury claims are only for those who need them, not a way to get easy money. If a lawyer can see that your claim is false, they can refuse to work with you at all. Sharing wrong information can lead to your reputation being tarnished, which can lead to insurance companies refusing you service in the future. An insurance company may even take legal action against you. 


An attorney can help you with the paperwork, settlement processing, dealing with the insurance company, and represent you in court if needed. In short, they can do all the heavy lifting in your personal injury case and give you the best chances for success.

If you live in the US and either want to file a claim or are having trouble with an existing claim, consult the Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney at Berke Law Firm, P.A for extended legal help. We have an in-depth knowledge of tort law and can handle a wide variety of injury claims.

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