Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Salinas California

by Martin Vanik Gasparian on Apr. 26, 2021

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Summary: Do you need an attorney after an injury in Salinas, California? Here is some legal information on selecting your attorney.

The billboards are on the side of the 101. The ads are on the buses. Commercials are heard on various talk radio stations. You scroll through Facebook and see the videos. Late night TV is inundated with infomercials as studies show injured people may be up late, and of course the ad spots are cheaper.

With so many attorneys advertising, how do you select one?

Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Salinas California

The truth is, there are probably several competent injury attorneys representing clients in Salinas.

An important factor is finding an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. Many good personal injury attorneys exclusively practice personal injury law. This means that they're not going to help people with a DUI or a speeding ticket. They only work with the injured.

You may also want to find an attorney who is in your area or focuses on your area. Any California licensed personal injury attorney can take your case, but an attorney familiar with your area may be able to offer some additional insight.

Call the lawyer up and speak to them. You want to find a lawyer who you feel good about. There are some very large firms in California, and sometimes when working with a larger firm you end up just one of the many cases. If you can get the lawyer on the phone and they're personally involved in your case, you may make out better.

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