Put An End To Debt Collection Harassment call From Performant Recovery.

by Scott F. Bocchio on Jul. 23, 2020

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Summary: The Fair Debt Collection Policies Act (FDCPA) allows you to hire a debt harassment lawyer and sue those companies of any illegal activity.

Are you constantly being called by Performant Recovery over your missed Debt deadline? Not even your family is spared? The jolly weekends are getting spoiled by those irritating calls? You have every right to act against their, unfair and illegal means of debt collection tactics. The Fair Debt Collection Policies Act (FDCPA) allows you to hire a debt harassment lawyer and sue those companies of any illegal activity. Even an amount up to $1000 can be won by suing and winning against such nasty tactics.

Who is Performant Recovery?

Performant Recovery or Performant Financial Corporation is a third-party Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) company based in Livermore, California. It specializes in delinquent debt recovery for healthcare providers. With annual revenue of $159.4 million, Performant Financial Corp is one of the big players in the game. With a large domain of mainly three areas: Healthcare, commercial collections, and government Performant Recovery, Inc., which is listed as a collection agency, boasts an annual revenue of $31.5 million. Despite all these, consumer cases for violating the FDCPA with means of false statements, threatening has been frequent for Performant Recovery Inc. It is advisable to know your rights before coming in contact with Performant.

Is Performant Recovery a scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Performant Recovery is legit in the eyes of the federal law. Performant Financial Corporation first opened its door to the public in California in September 1976. Listing Performant as a collection agency, BBB opened its file in March 1981.

Out of the three areas they serve, the health care division is supported by clinical audits, data mining, and fraud analytics. Their commercial division is supported by first- and third-party collection services and customer care call center outsourcing. Delinquent student loans and tax obligation are the two major aspects their government division eyes on. 

Performant's mission "to be the best in maximizing revenue, quality, and cost integrity for the clients we serve.", can be seen on their website. But on the flip side, their website doesn't have any link or references to consumer resources.

Can Performant Recovery sue or garnish my wages?

Although the FDCPA deems it illegal for companies to make empty threats to sue you or even garnish your wages for a debt that you don't owe. However, if the debt is within the statute of limitations, they can sue you in the federal court of law. And in a worst-case scenario, if your property is linked with the debt, the debt collector might repossess some of it as permitted by the court. The best way out of this is to consult a debt harassment lawyer.

How to know you are getting harassed by Performant Recovery?

With 245 complaints closed against them in the past 3 years, and 36 closed in the last 12 months, according to the BBB, Performant Recovery is prone to harassing the debtors

However, you can sue them if

  • Third-party companies are calling you multiple times.

  • Your friends, neighbors or co-workers are also being called.

  • You are threatened with violence, lawsuit, or arrest.

  • Debt collector attempting to recover more than you owe.

  • You are getting intimidated.

  • Threatened for negative credit reporting.

  • Criminal accusations claim against you.

  • Use of obscene language.

How can we help you?

If you want to turn the tables around and sue them for bringing your mental piece at stake, we can help you do that. We at Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC., can help you sue the ones harassing you. Our dedicated harassment lawyers can settle the matter is the following three ways-

  1. If you are short of money, we can help you settle your debt by paying a much lower amount than what you owe.

  2. In case you need more time, we have the expertise to approach the court of law and get you a date extension.

  3. We can help you with filing bankruptcy in case you have nothing left in possession to pay the debt out.

Our lawyers assess each client's situation thoroughly and provide the optimal solution best suited for them. Even successfully winning a case could land you a bonus amount of $1000 for every call you receive. 

So, if you want to get out of this mess, give us a Call on 855-254-7841 Today! 

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