How to stop debt harassment from Account Resolution Services?

by Scott F. Bocchio on Aug. 02, 2020

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Summary: No collection agency has the right to sue you or make threats of garnishing your wages for loans that aren't owed. However, they can summon you in a court of law and if a default judgment is passed against you, your wages may get garnished.

Isn't it very disturbing to get calls from collection agencies at odd hours, in the middle of work or while spending some quality time with your loved ones?

Things become all the more embarrassing when the collectors start calling your friends and family and let them know about your debts and try to portray you as a criminal of sorts. Most of the debtors face these problems as collection agencies often go overboard with their methods and tactics.

Being a consumer of the United States, you are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which deems these practices of harassment illegal.

You have the right to hire a debt harassment lawyer and stop collection calls and even receive amounts up to $1000 plus the attorney and court costs.



Who is Account Resolution Services?

Account Resolution Services often referred to as ARS is a third-party collection agency. Account Resolution Services is based in Sunrise, Florida. ARS has been a party to many federal cases over the years based on their issuance and collection of debts incurred on credit cards. They are known to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by trying to collect debts that aren't owed and other harassment practices.


Is Account Resolution Services a scam?

No, ARS is not a scam in any way whatsoever. They are a legitimate company that started its operations in 1979 according to the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau established a profile page for them in 1996. The company is listed as a collection agency, medical biller, billing services, and medical staffing service. Account Resolution Services is known to use at least 20 alternate business names. The BBB has also listed at least 15 different phone numbers for the company.

Buzzfile estimates the annual revenues of ARS to be around $108,000.


Who do they collect for?

Account Resolution Services are primarily known to collect for healthcare providers. According to their website, they are a division of the Healthcare Revenue Recover Group although there is no detailed information about their business practices or client base.


Complaints against Account Resolution Services:

Account Resolution Services or ARS is known to use methods of collection that are deemed illegal according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Numerous complaints have been filed against them over the years. The BBB gave ARS an F rating as of May 2018. The BBB had closed around 340 complaints in the preceding three years, with 156 of them being closed in the last 12 months of that period.

Most of the complaints were regarding billing and collection issues. Complaints regarding advertising and sales or customer service were also filed.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has closed 68 complaints against them since May 2015.

Justia has also listed at least 9 cases of civil litigation which involves Account Resolution Services.


Can Account Resolution Services sue you or garnish your wages?

No collection agency has the right to sue you or make threats of garnishing your wages for loans that aren't owed. However, they can summon you in a court of law and if a default judgment is passed against you, your wages may get garnished. In such cases, it’s best to hire a debt harassment lawyer, who can help you to fight your case.


Is Account Resolution Services harassing you?

You are being harassed by ARS and have all the right to stop harassment from Account Resolution Services if you face any of the following:

  • Constant collection calls at unusual hours and in a large frequency.
  • Calls to your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Threats of violence and arrest.
  • Threats of negative credit reporting.
  • Use of profanity and abusive languages.
  • Attempts to collect more than the amount owed.
  • Keeping the debtors in disguise about their identity.

There are many other forms of harassment that you may suffer and all of these are illegal according to the FDCPA.


Stop collection calls and debt harassment from ARS:


Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC help its clients to stop collection calls as our highly esteemed debt harassment lawyers assess your case carefully and provide the best solution accordingly.

We can help you to put an end to debt harassment and also help you settle for amounts lesser than the owed one. We can also help you file for bankruptcy if that's the case.

No matter what it is, get in touch with us to get rid of all the collection calls and harassment that you have been facing from Account Resolution Services.


What our clients are saying about us:

This company assisted me twice and gave me peace .. They stopped the calls and I also received money for damages from fdcpa violations ….” - shondra nicolehephzibah

Was very pleased with the communication and with resolving my harassment issue.” WankyMilwaukee

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