How to Process Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim?

by Samuel Fishman on Sep. 02, 2020

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Summary: Processing slip and fall accident claim can become daunting if you don’t know some essentials about the same. For a hassle-free claiming process, you can also talk to Slip and Fall Lawyer.

If you slip and fall in someone else’s property, which is private or commercial, or even government-owned, you can file for a slip and fall claim. This is only possible if someone’s negligence or intention caused the accident. However, here are the crucial first steps that you must take in case of an injury caused due to slip and fall.


Consider reporting the accident to the premise owner immediately.


In case the accident has occurred in a private property, then report the same to the premise owner. However, if you have met an accident in a commercial property, consider reporting the same to the premise’s manager or the highest authority in charge of the property. 


Things can be different if you happen to meet an accident in public property or government-owned property. You may not be able to get in touch with the property owner right away, but reporting the same to the city or town authorities by the next day of the accident is essential.


Immediate action will help your claim to be legitimate in front of the court. If you become late to report your injury at the soonest, you may lose evidence, which will hamper your case. In the case of no witness, it becomes even more essential to report your injury to the earliest. Therefore, you must also consider consulting an experienced slip and fall lawyer near you.


Seek medical help immediately.


Considering you are hurt or injured in a slip and fall accident, immediately seek medical help. If the injury has left you in bad condition, then call an ambulance or walk into a doctor’s clinic as your health be. In case you don’t visit a doctor, the insurance company will think that you are not hurt, and your claim may attract negative points for the same. Therefore, get yourself checked with a medical practitioner immediately after your injury.


Ensure that you have explained how you go hurt to your health care provider. This will help your doctor to record the cause of injury in the medical records.


Record details of the witnesses present in the accident scene.


If other people have witnessed your injury, consider collecting their personal information such as phone number, address, and other details to approach them when needed for legal actions. 


Record evidence at the scene


Your accident may or may not leave you in a physical condition to collect evidence. If you are in a situation to collect evidence at the accident scene, then take photographs with your mobile phone. Try and take as many pictures as you can from different angles of the accident scene. This helps to strengthen your case and to prove the other party’s fault. 


However, if you are severely injured and cannot gather photo evidence of the scene, ask a friend or family member for help. Ask them to reach the scene as soon as possible to take photographs of you before someone gets the chance to fix it. 


Consider weather conditions, as it can dramatically change the road condition during snowfall. Within hours the accident scene can be covered with a thick layer of snow leaving back no evidence to prove the accident.


Do not give a written or oral statement to the insurance company.


The insurer will ask you to record the accident statement. Make sure you don’t communicate with them or offer them a recorded tape or a written record about the accident. If you are approached by an insurance company post your injury, consider discussing the same with one of the experienced Injury Lawyers. Additionally, fill out the accident report form with accuracy and attend all your scheduled medical treatment.


Talk to an experienced attorney who can fight for your rights


Approach “The Law Offices of Samuel and Fishman” to get assistance from the experienced Philadelphia Injury Lawyers. We will travel the extra mile to evaluate your case, gather documents, and many other key steps that need to be done for receiving compensation for your loss. The dedicated legal team will fight for your rights.

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