How To Evaluate Pain And Suffering Claim, And Can It Be Done Without A Lawyer?

by Samuel Fishman on Sep. 02, 2020

Accident & Injury 

Summary: It is important to evaluate every loss in an accident before filing a claim for an auto accident case. The Auto Accident Lawyers can be a great help in doing so.

Philadelphia witnesses thousands of car accidents each year. Most of the minor car accident cases are settled through negotiation between both parties or the insurance company. Rest of the auto accident cases that see the light of the court and mostly petty issues that can be taken care of by the victim. However, it can be difficult for the victim to calculate and evaluate the claim for pain and suffering. 


What is pain and suffering regarding auto accidents?


Pain and suffering are noneconomic damages caused due to the accident. It is not easy to calculate the amount to produce the claim for pain and suffering as it covered nontangible losses. Unlike the loss of wages or medical expenses, pain and suffering cannot be put into an equation right away. 


Pain and suffering are mostly based on the seriousness of the injury and the related pain you the injured suffer from. 


Should you hire a lawyer to establish a pain and suffering claim?


It completely depends on the nature of your case that you should hire an Auto Accident Lawyer for not for your situation. However, you can consider the following factors to determine the need for hiring a car accident lawyer for your claim.


How serious is your injury?


If the accident was not major or did not cause much damage, you can move your case forward all by yourself. In such situations, the insurance company most likely settle the case outside the court without major disputes or disagreement. However, if your injury is serious and involves pain and suffering, you should approach a car accident attorney to accurately claim for your pain and suffering.


  • Evidence of witnesses of the accident


Do you have sufficient evidence to prove the accident? This may mean eyewitnesses of the accident scene and subsequent documents to support your claim. If not, then the insurance company may have an upper hand on you as you move the case forward without a lawyer. In case you are unsure or don’t have evidence to support your claim, consider connecting with an aced car accident attorney.


  • Who is at fault?


In a car accident, it is most crucial to establishing that the other person involved in the accident is at fault. If you have enough evidence to prove the same, then you might establish your case at the court. However, the other party will always try to blame you. SO consider this as a deciding factor to hire an attorney for your car accident case. 


  • How will you calculate pain and suffering?


Considering pain and suffering does not have any parameters to establish the claim amount, it can be a tough job for you. Most personal injury attorneys use the multiplier method to calculate pain and suffering. If your injury is severe and you want to claim for your pain and suffering, consider contacting a highly experienced attorney who will help you claim what you deserve. 


Get legal assistance from a highly knowledgeable attorney.


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