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by Christopher M. Eskew on Sep. 11, 2014


Summary: What You Need To Know About Indiana's Gun Laws

After the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut, talk about gun control has been difficult to avoid. Do you know the requirements for obtaining a permit to carry? Can you carry your handgun wherever, whenever you want? The following are some basics you should know about Indiana gun laws.

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How do I get a handgun permit?

In Indiana, all firearm permit applications must be submitted electronically. Then, you must schedule electronic fingerprinting. To pay permit fees you will have to visit your local law enforcement agency in person. The application will be sent to the Indiana State Police for review; if approved, a permit will be mailed to you. If rejected, you may file for appeal. Applications without background problems or a criminal history are typically processed within 10 days. All applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Why was my license to carry a handgun rejected?

When you apply for a gun license, you are subject to a background check. There are myriad reasons a permit might be rejected. Some of those reasons include: being convicted of a felony or domestic abuse, lying on the application, being involuntarily committed to a mental institution by a lawful authority, and many others.

If I have a permit of license, can I carry anywhere?

Short answer – no! You cannot carry a personal gun anywhere you please, concealed or in the open, regardless of having a permit. Some of those places include school buses, in or on school property or property being used for a school function, private schools, on a commercial or charter plane, controlled access areas of airports, riverboat casinos, shipping ports, and during the state fair.

Do I have to have a permit to carry a handgun?

In most cases, yes; in some, no. Some of those instances are: if the carrier is on his or her own property, or with permission on someone else's property; if the gun is unloaded and in a secure case in a vehicle, or if an individual is participating in a firearms class. A more in-depth description of the law can be found here.

What are the consequences for carrying without a permit?

If someone is caught carrying a handgun without a permit it is typically a Class A Misdemeanor. If you have had a prior recent felony you could be charged with a Class C Felony. If you someone has been previously convicted of a crime that classifies them as a Serious Violent Felon then possessing any type of firearm anywhere can be charged as a Class B Felony with a sentence of up to 20 years in the Department of Corrections.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: obtaining a permit to carry a handgun in Indiana is inexpensive and relatively easy. If you are a gun owner, you should obtain a carrying license. Furthermore, the state of Indiana honors all permits and licenses from other states.

If you decide to forego a license are are caught carrying, or commit a crime with the firearm, you risk grave consequences. In that case, immediately seek experienced criminal defense counsel.

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