DUI with Breath Test

by Craig M. Sturm on Nov. 02, 2020

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Summary: Don't Assume That all Procedures Were Followed During The Breath Test

Assume That all Procedures Were Followed During The Breath Test

  1. There are rules and regulations when administering a Breath Test. A common mistake is to assume that all procedures were properly followed. Something as simple as not changing the mouthpiece on the machinery before the test is given, not keeping a log of breath tests, or calibrating a machine too-frequently could be used in your favor. Make sure your lawyer gathers all of the necessary documents: logs, maintenance reports, the operator's certifications, as well as the typical arrest and complaint report. Remember, the government has to prove that you were driving under the influence, without a shadow of a doubt! There are too many forces involved to not do your best to gather information towards creating a defense.

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