Do You Actually Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

by Greg Prosmushkin on Dec. 29, 2020


Summary: Criminal charges or potential criminal investigations can have a significant impact on your job prospects and your freedom. Contact us today, and we can help you strategize an effective defense.

Do You Actually Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer? 


Crime rates and associated criminal charges are on an upward trajectory in Philadelphia, as they are in most big cities in the United States. However, being charged with a crime does not indicate fault, and many people inappropriately face charges every day. Criminal charges can have an incredibly negative impact on people’s lives, potentially limiting their career options and subjecting them to societal biases. Complexities relating to politics often lead to individuals’ being falsely accused of crimes in certain situations. 


When you face criminal cases, so much is at risk, and things can take unexpected turns for the worse if you make even a small mistake in the process. If you face unsubstantiated criminal charges, a criminal attorney can guide you through the criminal justice system and ensure your rights are protected at every stage. We have outlined below some of the most fundamental and significant benefits you can expect from your criminal lawyer


Managing the Risks That Can Take Away Your Freedom


While some people may think that hiring a criminal attorney will be very expensive, it can be more costly to ignore criminal charges or try to manage them on your own. If you represent yourself in the criminal justice system or have inefficient legal counsel, you will be unprepared to face challenges that may come your way. Some of the most difficult scenarios in which you may find yourself include:

  • Imprisonment

  • Conviction

  • Having your DNA included within a national or state-level database of criminal offenders

  • Disqualification from obtaining or holding a driver’s license

  • Disadvantages when applying for jobs that require you to disclose your criminal record

  • Loss of reputation

  • Termination of your employment upon your employer’s finding out about your criminal record


An experienced criminal attorney will be able to help you avoid or mitigate each one of these stressful situations. When the stakes are high, it is important to invest in an outcome that could potentially determine the course of the rest of your life. With many criminal attorneys, the initial consultation is absolutely obligation-free, so there is nothing at risk when you call to meet with a criminal lawyer. Any guidance or information you may receive at this initial level of consultation with an experienced attorney can help you understand how important it is to have a lawyer represent you throughout the criminal justice process.


Representing You in a Request for Bail


If you are arrested and detained by law enforcement, an effective criminal lawyer can help negotiate fair terms for your release as you await your trial on the charges. Following your arraignment, a worst-case scenario can have you remanded in state or local custody in a jail until a criminal court can hear your case. If the court turns down a request for bail to secure your release pending trial, you lose essential freedom while you wait. Ensuring that you have proper representation at the bail hearing is an important element to improving your chances of having the court grant an appropriate bail amount. 


Offering Emotional Support When You Need It Most


While it is advisable to seek professional mental health care, such as an appointment with a therapist, to process the aftermath of facing criminal charges, your criminal attorneys can play an important role too. Criminal defense lawyers are extremely adept at explaining and demonstrating the intricacies of the legal realities through which you must live while you await trial. They are very well-versed in the potential scenarios you may encounter and will do their best to reassure about how they can help you achieve the most favorable outcomes. While your criminal lawyer focuses on legal strategy, you can focus on your peace of mind and healing.


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The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., has been vigorously defending individuals in a wide range of criminal matters for many years. The multilingual staff and experienced criminal defense attorneys can take charge of fighting for your rights and crafting a strong defense. 

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