Benefits a Car Accident Attorney Provides Following a Crash

by Greg Prosmushkin on Dec. 29, 2020

Accident & Injury 

Summary: A car accident lawyer can help you navigate a devastating and stressful situation. They have experience evaluating what your injuries may be worth and helping you maximize the compensation you can receive.

Benefits a Car Accident Attorney Provides Following a Crash


Many different factors contribute to the growing number of accidents that occur on Philadelphia’s roadways every year, including inexperienced drivers reckless driving, excessive speeding, drunken driving or driving under the influence of other substances, driver fatigue, distracted driving, and violation of traffic rules. Often, these accidents result in extensive property damage and serious injuries for vehicle occupants and others near the scene of the crash.


Local government and the state legislature continue to introduce regulations that dictate precautions drivers must take to decrease the number of accidents and improve road safety. But despite drivers’ best efforts and compliance, accidents cannot be completely avoided. This is why anyone getting behind the wheel should  take the steps to prepare for any unforeseen circumstance they may encounter on the road, including motor vehicle accidents. Keeping a car accident lawyer’s contact information handy, even before an accident occurs, may help you avoid the uncertainty and confusion such an incident creates.


These are some of the things a car accident attorney can do for you:


  • Help you navigate the accident’s immediate aftermath. A personal injury lawyer who is well-versed in representing victims in motor vehicle accidents can help you identify the types of medical attention to seek and diagnostic tests to undergo, what kinds of evidence to retain following the accident, and which parties may be at fault for the accident and resulting losses you suffered.


  • Negotiate and communicate effectively with difficult insurance companies.  The opposing party’s insurance company will likely attempt to undercut the amount of compensation to which you are entitled in efforts to save themselves money. To demonstrate the true compensation you deserve, your lawyer will help you gather the necessary proof. Your car accident attorney will also be able to present the documentation and other evidence in a way that is both strategic and tactful, improving your chances of collecting a larger settlement from the insurer. The lawyer will communicate and negotiate with the opposing party’s insurance company or opposing counsel in a manner that best protects your financial interests.


  • Handle unexpected complexities that arise in your case. Every personal injury case that arises from a motor vehicle accident is unique, and you must be prepared for your case to take unexpected turn. Your car accident lawyer will be able to anticipate what the opposite party may present with regard to evidence, especially when the other party attempts to attribute all or some of the accident blame to you. In certain circumstances, any blame attributable to the victim may decrease the amount of compensation to which they are entitled. Your lawyer can help you develop both defensive and affirmative arguments against the other side.


  • Offer stability and emotional support while you recover. Not only could you rely on your car accident attorney to devise an effective strategy for your personal injury claim, but your lawyer can also support you as you process your trauma and begin to emotionally heal. They will take care of all the administrative hassles involved in filing a claim and help you navigate the process while you focus on recovery. 


  • Maximize the amount of compensation to which you are entitled.  Taking into consideration your injuries and other losses you suffered as a result of the car accident, your lawyer can help you maximize the amount of compensation for which you may be eligible. Car accident attorneys know how to evaluate how much money would be appropriate to compensate for both tangible and intangible losses, as well as current and future damages. 


To learn more about how a Philadelphia car accident lawyer can help you, contact the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. We have many years’ experience handling complex car accident lawsuits, and our team will stand by your side throughout the entire personal injury claims process. 

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