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by Dana Hogle on Jan. 29, 2016

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Summary: If you are charged with any type of Assault in Arizona, here is what you face and what you will be up against in your assault case.

Arizona Assault Attorney

I have come across so many clients that are looking for the best assault attorney in Arizona since I became a criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix AZ I have seen countless assault charges. Even though the definition of assault has been found to vary from one state to another, the basic foundation still tends to remain the same. An assault is usually defined as the attempt to cause injury to someone else. Under certain circumstances, this can also include threats and threatening behavior being made to others. One of the most common definitions which are used to describe assault is the intention of using violence and thus causing harm and injury to others who are involved. Another way assault has been explained is an attempted battery.

While many people think hiring an assault attorney in Mesa basically means the typical brawl and threats that are exchanged, there is more to it than meets the eye. As a criminal defense lawyer I can tell you that, the assault charges are placed under the following conditions:

  • When one person tries to or actually strikes another person
  • When a person acts in a manner which is considered to be threatening to put the other person in fear or with the intention of causing harm.

As a Mesa Criminal Attorney, I know there are many different types of assaults which occur. Some of the most common ones have been listed below:

  • Felonious assault is an attempted attacked or an unlawful attack. This kind of attack is usually accomplished through violence or force which then causes harm or injury to the other person. In addition, this kind of assault has also been known to involve deadly weapons which can then cause further harm or injury.
  • The simple assault occurs when a weapon is not being used. In addition, the injury which is being sustained by the victim has been found to be very minor.
  • The physical assault has been known to cause serious bodily harm, such as aggravated assault or before the commission of a murder.
  • Aggravated assault is the kind of assault which occurs when a weapon is used or serious force is exerted.
  • ·The sexual assault involves the use of force which is against the will of the victim. This can then result in molestation, rape, sodomy, or any kind of similar sexual offense.
  • Lastly, verbal assault is basically a form of oral and non-physical assault. This can result in a psychological and or mental injury being sustained by the victim rather than a physical bodily injury.

Act requirement

In terms of an assault charge being pressed, coming into contact has been found to be not completely necessary. Even though the kinds of acts which can fall under this category has been known to vary widely, the typical assault would require a director overt act which would then put the person in reasonable fear for their safety. In other cases, the spoken words would not be enough to be considered to be an assault unless they have been backed up by an act or actions which would then place the victim in harm’s way.

Intent Requirement

In order to commit even a general assault, the individual would only need to have a general intent. This means that even though it would not occur accidentally, the person did have the intention of causing harm. In addition, the intention of scaring or frightening another person has also been found to be pressed as assault charges as well.  

If you or a loved one has been charged with any type of assault in the state of Arizona, you need to know that the law enforcement and the state's prosecutors take these charges seriously. You will need to find an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Arizona to fight these charges. 

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