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by Scott F. Bocchio on Aug. 05, 2020

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Summary: Getting in touch with a debt harassment lawyer is the best way to move forward if you are facing any of these collection tactics.

Being harassed by debt collection agencies is something nobody likes. Debt collection agencies are often notorious with their collection methods which make the life of consumers difficult. Imagine situations where your friends and relatives get calls and get to know about your debts and it is generally portrayed in a way that looks criminal. Or imagine getting calls in the middle of dinner and having to listen to a bunch of abuses and threats. As a consumer you have rights and these methods are a clear violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You have the right to hire a debt harassment lawyer and stop collection calls and debt harassment from agencies like Simm Associates.

You can also receive remunerations up to $1000 plus the court cost and attorney fees. So do not hesitate to hire a debt harassment lawyer straight away.



Who is Simm Associates?

Simm Associates is a third-party debt collection company based in Newark, Delaware which was established back in 1991. The company has over 200 employees and it is managed by the company President, Gregory Simendinger.


Is Simm Associates a legitimate company?

As stated above, Simm Associates is a legitimate company registered with all the necessary bodies related to debt collection. The company was founded in 1991. Simm Associates are known to use collection methods and tactics that violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Simm Associates has been a party to 240 federal cases based on its issuance of credit and debt collection.

The Better Business Bureau has 68 complaints filed against Simm Associates, with them.


Are you being harassed by Simm Associates?

Simm Associates use various ways that violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you have the right to hire a debt harassment lawyer and stop debt harassment from Simm Associates.


Take a look at the circumstances where you might have a case against them:

  • They are calling you repeatedly and at odd hours, which is disturbing your personal and professional life.
  • Use of abusive language and profanity.
  • Calling your friends, family, and colleagues and letting them know about your debts and trying to portray you as a criminal of sorts.
  • Calling you multiple times throughout the week.
  • Accusing you of committing a crime and threatening with violence and arrests.
  • Threats of negative credit reporting.
  • Trying to collect more than the amount legally allowed.
  • Failing to notify you about your rights to dispute the debt if you find discrepancies.


Getting in touch with a debt harassment lawyer is the best way to move forward if you are facing any of these collection tactics.


Phone Number of Simm Associates:

Simm Associates can call you from various numbers. Take a look at a few of them:

302-283-2800, 800-864-8909, 800-864-6033, 866-572-9376, (866) 572-9376, 8665729376, 8008648909.


You can receive calls from this number and various other numbers as well. 


Can Simm Associates sue you or garnish your wages?

No debt collection agency can make threats about garnishing your wages for debts that aren't owed. However, if you have debt’s they can summon you to a court, and if a default judgment is passed, your wages may get garnished. In such cases, it is best to hire a debt harassment lawyer who can help you settle and get rid of any troublesome situation.


Can Simm Associates arrest you?

No. Debt collectors do not have the authority to get you arrested for debts. However, if a court order is violated, an arrest warrant can be issued by the judge. 


Stop debt harassment from Simm Associates:

Hiring a reliable debt harassment lawyer is the best way to stop collection calls and put an end to the constant harassment.

Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC is one of the most trusted firms in the country when it comes to debt-related cases. Our experienced attorneys will assess your situation carefully and take the best step suitable for you. We can help you stop the harassment forever and also help you settle for lesser amounts, or even declare bankruptcy if that's the case.

So get in touch with us right away and stop debt harassment and collection calls forever.


What our clients are saying about us:

These guys were so helpful. They contacted me quickly, and gave me great advice. Any time I have a similar problem, I would call them first.” - Ryan Myers

All I can say is AMAZED. Ryan is the most caring and helpful person that I have come across and has made a very stressful situation go away from harassing me at work and almost getting fired. Thank you Ryan. I highly recommend them.” Madelyn Martinez

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